Monday, January 14, 2013

The Journey at Home

I've walked this path many times. It speaks to me along the way. Sometimes through birdsong, other times through the rustling of leaves by small feet; but no matter how nature shares her stories, I always feel better after listening.

For me, this path epitomizes the old maxim, it's the journey not the destination. It's a good maxim as maxim's go, but the question becomes what do you do with it? Is it something you hear, acknowledge and then discard until you find another path in nature or get hit upside the head with its truth once again?

The answer? Make it part of your daily life. It's simple to do and you can be creative. Put a picture, like this one, in your home -- a reminder of the journey. Or, for me, I might hang a representation of nature and the feeling I have while on the path -- a leaf, framed in glass. Colors in nature can cover the walls in your home.

How would this help you live the maxim? They are all reminders, energetic reinforcement, that life can be about the journey, not the destination. As you surround yourself with these images, colors, aspects of nature, you're bringing in the stories of nature into your home. Then whether at home or in nature, you'll be able to hear the tales that have been told for generations, a sharing of journeys, not of destinations.

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