Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Abundant Expectations

Recently I taught a class about how to use Feng Shui principles to improve abundance. It was a good reminder that I need to leave my expectations at the door.

I had fully anticipated the class to be focused on each person's financial situation -- wanting to improve their wealth or career, two very logical connections  to abundance. These are also two very clearly defined  areas of the Feng Shui map or Bagua, which identifies the areas of your home that are connected to nine areas of your life -- with wealth and career being two of them.

In Instinctive Feng Shui though, one of the most important components of any enhancement is the intention you have for placing that enhancement. For instance, while two people may both want to improve their finances, one may want to travel with their money and the other may want to save for a new car. It's what they want to do with their money that ultimately defines how the chi they are attracting will support them. This allows them to create very custom enhancement to support their specific goals.

For this reason, I wanted to ask the students what abundance means to them. I fully expected references to money but instead I heard things like -- connection to nature, family, balance, security in relationships, being surrounded by people they love.

It helped me to identify enhancements that would ultimately focus on what would make each person happy -- now that's abundance. And that's one of the reasons I started doing Feng Shui so many years ago.  

Until next time... in gratitude.

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